Tuesday, October 4, 2016

TASS — Lavrov says many US officials sought to ruin deal on Syria from the start

According to the Russian foreign minister, the adversaries of the agreements are now "hatching military scenario plans" in Syria
Lavrov says many US officials sought to ruin deal on Syria from the start

According to military experts, the S-300V4 advanced anti-missile system will protect troops from possible air attacks after the failure of Russian-American cooperation in Syria.…
According to Litovkin, the S-300VM "Antey-2500" system is capable of destroying enemy ballistic missiles, flying towards to the target at a speed of 1.5 miles per second, with a range of 93 miles.
Ratcheting up to increase the cost if the US decides to get involved directly in Syria.

US Tomahawk cruise missiles cost over 1M USD.
In the opening days of the assault on Libya, the United States and the United Kingdom launched a barrage of at least 161 Tomahawk cruise missiles to flatten Moammar Gadhafi’s air defenses and pave the way for coalition aircraft.
In fiscal terms, at a time when Congress is fighting over every dollar, the cruise missile show of military might was an expenditure of nearly a quarter of a billion dollars. Each missile cost $1.41 million. (source)
Looks like Russia is not about to let that happen in Syria.

Russia Beyond the Headlines
Will Russia deploy a new air defense system to Syria?
Nikolai Litovkin

By 2015, said Legvold, senior staff in the Obama administration had concluded that Moscow saw the U.S. as actively pursuing the strategy of regime change in various countries. Hence the U.S. and Russia developed an inherent sense of mistrust with regard to each other’s intentions that later manifested itself particularly evidently in Ukraine and Syria.

According to experts, the conflicts in Syria and Ukraine are hotspots that could put Moscow and Washington into an open conflict, should the sides fail to behave more cautiously.
Syria turning into proxy war with Russia in eyes of Americans – U.S. expert
Nikolai Shevchenko

The collapse of talks takes the United States one step closer to an unnecessarily deadly “military solution” to the Syria crisis
The Nation
The Obama Administration’s Suspension of Syria Talks With Russia Is the Most Dangerous Development in a New Cold War 
James Carden

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