Friday, October 21, 2016

Wynne: Printing Money Degrades Living Standards

HA LOL!!!!  Right here:

"We take in $3.1 trillion and we spend $3.7 trillion," Wynn said Thursday to guest host Eric Bolling. "And that $600 billion deficit is at the rate of $50 billion a month. Our government is printing money and it's degrading the living standard of every person in America. It's the cause of frustration, anger and confusion.



alexi de sadesky said...


What a scoundrel. Guy is a parasite.

Bob said...

Bu he's a magnate, he must know what he's talking about.

James said...

Yet the money "printed" to provide the wealthy with their income doesn't seem to degrade their living standards. I guess money only "degrades" living standards when it's flowing in the direction of those who most need it. How dare those selfish poor bastards degrade their living standards by buying food, shelter, and clothing, and sometimes these destroyers of civilisation may also purchase electronic technology, or take part in cultural events.

This disaster cannot be allowed to happen, money should be controlled, and hoarded by the wise few.