Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Xinhua — 5,000 China-Europe cargo trains expected by 2020

There will be a safe, convenient and efficient system of China-Europe direct cargo trains by 2020, the country's top economic planning body has said.
It is estimated that there will be around 5,000 cargo trains running between China and Europe annually by 2020, according to a development plan issued by the National Development and Reform Commission.
As a key component of the Belt and Road initiative, direct cargo trains will connect a growing number of cities in China and Europe.
Demand for rail cargo service between China and Europe has exploded in recent years because it offers an alternative to slower and riskier sea freight and much costlier air cargo.…
The European Union has been China's largest trading partner for more than a decade, while China is one of the EU's biggest sources of imports. Bilateral trade amounted to 3.51 trillion U.S. dollars in 2015.
5,000 China-Europe cargo trains expected by 2020
Xinhua — Editor: Xu Shanshan

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