Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Yekaterina Sinelschikova — Russian server head: Hacks on U.S. weren’t even worthy of Bond movie

The hackers who broke into U.S. Democratic Party files wrote in broken English and were extremely amateurish, the owner of the Russian company King Servers, from whose servers the attacks originated, told RBTH, whilst denying any involvement in the scandal.
The investigation of the controversial hacking into state voting systems in two U.S. states have led American experts to Biysk, a small industrial town in the south of Siberia (2,300 miles east of Moscow). This is where 26-year-old Vladimir Fomenko, whose company King Servers rents out server space in the United States, the Netherlands and Russia, lives and works.
In June this year, according to the FBI, Russian hackers staged "significant" cyber-attacks from servers rented from King Servers, penetrating the voter registration systems in Arizona and Illinois.
They had earlier broken into the computers of the Democratic National Committee, exposing emails and correspondence whose publication seriously compromised the position of Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, as well as Democratic research on Republican candidate Donald Trump.
After the FBI revealed that Russians were highly likely to be behind the attacks, the U.S. media was quick to report the “Russian trace.” And while the Kremlin denied any involvement in the incident, the company from Biysk wondered why no one had contacted it, since everything written in the Western press was connected with it.
The American cybersecurity company ThreatConnect even described Fomenko as the manager of an "information nexus" used by hackers who targeted Germany, Turkey and Ukraine, among other countries, according to an article by The New York Times.
"I really did not cooperate and am not cooperating with Russian or any other special services," Fomenko said in an interview with RBTH. "We were not contacted even by the FBI to obtain data that would allow the criminals to be caught."…
"If we consider the situation from the other side, it is unclear why the FBI and related experts are talking only about our company," said Fomenko.
"After all, the U.S. intelligence report says that the hacking was staged from eight IP addresses, six of them belonging to our company (the criminals used our equipment), and two other companies being not connected with us in any way. One of them is located in the Netherlands, I don’t know about the other. But it's all just about us. What is this? Prejudice?"…
As for the "Russian trace," it turns out to be have been all too obvious, said Fomenko. The hackers left several messages for King Servers' support service written in broken English, though he claimed this “would be very strange for the Russian special services, when applying for assistance to a Russian company.”

Additionally, the e-mail addresses used for registration contain the following name, literally – "Robin Good" (with G, rather than H – typical of Russian transliteration).
"I don’t think that the security services work so unprofessionally," said Fomenko. "Of course, I can only judge from movies, but even the James Bond movies show Russians as more inventive."
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Russian server head: Hacks on U.S. weren’t even worthy of Bond movie
Yekaterina Sinelschikova


GLH said...

It would take a very naïve person to believe that the Russian government had anything to do with all of this. The US media is so disgusting that I can't even watch the evening BS anymore. I really can't understand why people can't spot the BS.

Tom Hickey said...

The amazing thing is how blatant the deep state is being in promoting HRC and undermining The Donald. Talk about an authoritarian state.

Matt Franko said...

Well Tom last debate you had Anderson Cooper a homosexual trying to analyze Trumps heterosexual behavior and Radditz whose family members are given Democrat political appointments, in a position that calls for objectivity/political neutrality....

Hard to eliminate the biases....