Sunday, May 20, 2018

'Chinese Were Prepared, EU Companies Were Not’ for US' Iran Sanctions - Analyst — Sputnik interviews Tom McGregor

China’s state-owned energy giant CNPC is ready to replace French energy company Total’s stake in the Iranian South Pars gas project. In 2017, Total and CNPC signed a 20-year contract worth 4.8 billion dollars to develop Phase 11 of Iran’s South Pars field. Sputnik spoke with political analyst Tom McGregor about CNPC’s acquisition plan.

Sputnik: How serious is CNPC about acquiring Total’s stake in the South Pars gas project in your opinion? 
McGregor: Definitely if it’s available to them they will certainly look at the deal and the way the Chinese do business is that they don’t make an announcement unless they are going to do something. They are very secretive about this kind of stuff, so unless there is some weird bluff, there’s no reason for them to make an announcement unless they are very serious. Chances are they are already taking action and they have already moved forward on it and they are just waiting to sign the deal to see what Total does. The Total energy giant in France and you do have these sanctions and then Trump has promised on campaign trail that he was going to create problems for Iran, so there should be no surprise. The European companies should have been prepared for this, years ago and I don’t know why they are overreacting. They knew what was going to happen after Trump was elected. So I think what happened was that the Chinese were prepared already and the European companies were not. ...
Sputnik International — Opinion
'Chinese Were Prepared, EU Companies Were Not’ for US' Iran Sanctions - Analyst
Sputnik interviews Tom McGregor, a political analyst and Asia-Pacific commentator for China's national TV broadcaster CNTV

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Konrad said...

The US government alienates Europe by threatening to punish European companies that do business with Iran.

Therefore China steps in and says, “Thanks for creating an opportunity. We’ll take it from here.”

This seems to be a recurring pattern with empires. As they start to die, empires develop senile dementia, so to speak.

Uncle Sam has Alzheimer’s.

Noah Way said...

Uncle Sam is blinded by insatiable greed.

It's interesting how so many many are now openly exploring realignment away from the deceitful old codger. The EU and Iran, SE Asia towards China, etc.

No doubt this will all be blamed on Trump despite the fact that he is at the end of a program that has been running full steam since before he was born.

Konrad said...

"Uncle Sam is blinded by insatiable greed."

And Uncle Sam will die by insatiable greed.

The vast sea of homeless people will continue to spread until it consumes at least half the U.S. population. And since conditions are even worse in most of the developing world, the mass influx of immigrants will continue to grow. Reason: insatiable greed.

Trump-bots blame immigrants, not the insatiable greed that creates immigrants.

Moammar Gaddafi warned the Empire that Libya was the "cork" in immigration from Africa, since Libya gave jobs and livelihoods to immigrants. When the Empire destroyed Libya, the Empire destroyed the "cork." Now Europeans blame immigrants, not the war that destroyed the "cork."

Agent Smith to Morpheus: "I say your civilization, but when we began to do your thinking for you, it really became our civilization, which of course is what this is all about: evolution. Look out there. You've had your time. The future is our world, Morpheus. The future is our time."

Konrad said...

Trump-bots imagine if all "people of color" magically vanished, leaving the USA with nothing but whites, then everything would be fine.

In reality the insatiable greed would continue as always, and the USA would continue its slide toward extinction.

Konrad said...

Insatiable greed causes inequality, downward mobility, loneliness, alienation, male castration, and widespread despair. These maladies fuel gun violence.

Just as Trump-bots blame immigrants (not the insatiable greed that creates immigrants), so do liberals blame guns (not the insatiable greed that causes gun violence).

We could outlaw guns, but it would not reduce gun violence.
Insatiable greed.

Noah Way said...

It's not just "Trump-bots" it's the entire system.

Buddha said "the wealth of the few is made from the poverty of many".

Black Elk said "The white man is good at making things but not good at distributing them."

Konrad said...

"It's not just 'Trump-bots' it's the entire system." ~ Noah Way

Yes. That's why I lumped the "Trump-bots" with the anti-Trump-bots. Both sides allow insatiable greed to rage unchecked, since both sides refuse to acknowledge it.

Everything in American society, top to bottom, is predicated on insatiable greed.

America was founded on the divine prayer of "Screw you; I've got mine."

Noah Way said...

Founded by rich white guys who didn't want to pay taxes ....

Konrad said...

Rich white guys who colonized the new world, and then started colonizing not-so-rich white guys.

As far back at the 1600s, rich white guys started preventing not-so-rich white guys from trading with Native Americans, and from setting up their own businesses. Rich white guys also refused to protect poor whites from Indian attacks unless the attacks directly threatened the rich white guys’ interests.

Therefore the not-so-rich white guys formed an alliance with black guys from Africa, who at that time were free settlers. Together the poor whites and blacks staged an armed rebellion against the rule of Virginia Governor William Berkeley (a rich white guy).

Led by Nathaniel Bacon, this became known as “Bacon’s Rebellion (1676).

This rebellion terrified the rich white guys. What to do? Their solution was to elevate poor whites above poor blacks, while telling poor whites that they were “better” than poor blacks (who had been allies of the poor whites).

In other words, rich white guys elevated poor white guys to “trustee” status on the plantations. This ensured that the lower classes (white and black) would never unite against rich whites again, since poor whites vented all their frustration on poor blacks. Poor whites kept their “trustee” privileges by abusing blacks, while the rich lived in luxury above them all.

In this way, blacks (who had been free settlers, and who had lived peacefully with white settlers) were reduced to full-fledged slaves. Poor whites were also slaves, but they had "trustee" status.

The formula continues to this day. Keep the lower classes divided and bickering so they don’t unite against their rich owners. Trump-bots blame liberals, who in turn blame “homophobes” and “toxic masculinity” -- while the rich live in luxury above them all.