Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Did the government use the Royal Wedding to cover Skripal's hospital release? | George Galloway

Fearless George is awesome again!

Why has the media not asked how it is that the Yulia and Sergei Skripal have disappeared without anyone seeing them?  All very strange. The state has lied, says George Galloway, which is not unusual, but why has the 'free press' not challenged them on it?

For some reason the RSPA did not press charges against the British police force for neglecting the Skripal's pet guinea pigs and their cat.

With the media being focused on Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's royal wedding, the story that Sergei Skripal was released from hospital was somehow lost in amongst the stories of the bride and groom. Former army officer and Scotland Yard detective Charles Shoebridge talks about the release with George Galloway.

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Konrad said...

Four days ago Skripal was supposedly released from a hospital, and he vanished into thin air. Today most people have forgotten about Skripal.

I attribute this amnesia to the world's addiction to social media.

Numerous articles discuss how the widespread use of social media has made many people into digital addicts. Many people get a dopamine fix each time they get a “like” or a “share” on social media. Some people become addicted to dopamine fixes. They feel depressed and even suicidal if their phones are taken away. They feel depressed if they get blocked, or censored, or flamed on Twitter or Facebook. Nasim Aghdam became so depressed when YouTube censored her that she shot three people at YouTube headquarters, and then fatally shot herself [3 April 2018].

Digital addiction (or dopamine addiction) has caused much of the population to have shorter memories and attention spans than ever before. Most people tend to only think about what they are told today on social media. This is why people are daily told nonsense about “Russian meddling,” or “terrorism,” and so on. The instant a campaign of daily repetition is turned off, people lose interest in the nonsense. The item falls into the memory hole and is forgotten.

Yesterday people were told about the “Skripal poisoning.” Today many people can’t remember who Skripal was.

This would be the case with or without the royal wedding. A short public memory and attention span is one reason why governments get away with endlessly lying.

On 8 March 2014, Malaysian Airlines Flight MH 370 vanished into thin air with 239 people aboard. POOF. Today most people don’t remember that.