Sunday, May 27, 2018

Jimmy Dore - TIME Editor Literally Admits He’s For Gov. Propaganda!

A former Time Magazine Editor admits he’s pro-propaganda, refuses to answer panel question.

The former editor of Time magazine admits the MSM prints fake news. He says propaganda is fine and all all countries do it. Well, what's the point of reading the MSM then when it is full of fake news?

Propaganda is rich people telling middle class people that the problem is poor people. 'Look the poor don't want to work, see, they just sit about doing nothing or get involved in crime', and yet it is government policy to keep a section of the population unemployed to keep inflation low.

So, why don't poor people start their own businesses? Well, most people wouldn't know how to do that, including most of the middle class, besides, two out of three businesses fail, how many people can afford to risk losing a significant amount of money? If we had a democracy people could vote for governments that help them find work through more training programs and assisting with start ups, etc, or even the government creating some the jobs if the private sector fails to do so. A job guarantee. KV


Ralph Musgrave said...

We Brits lead the world there: the British distrust their newspapers more than any other country. At least we're good at one thing...:-)

lastgreek said...

Like Dore says -- You want the real news? Go to a comedy show!

Bob Roddis said...

This has been the case for decades. I noted how the creep cannot and will not answer the last question. It's just like how Keynesians and "progressives" cannot and will not answer the question of when laissez faire failed and demonstrated a need for continuous violent intervention and funny fiat money emissions. Or when laissez faire led to monopoly. Those two "theories", BTW, are nothing but more deep state B.S.

Noah Way said...

So, why don't poor people start their own businesses?

Because it takes money to start a business.

Because the government creates economic obstacles for small businesses.

Because the instant a small business has success a bigger business undercuts and steals their market.

Andrew Anderson said...

of when laissez faire failed Bob Roddis

A true free market in private money creation REQUIRES that government use and accept ONLY its own, inexpensive fiat otherwise the taxation authority and power of government is misused to benefit private interests such as gold owners and those who seek to profit from lazy, risk-free deflation.

You'd do better to attack special privileges for banks, Bob, the real source of our problems, rather than the inherent ("Render to Caesar what is Caesar's") right of government to create its own money.

Otherwise, you're just shilling for the ability of the banks to create THEIR money. Not that there is any shortage of bank defenders...

Andrew Anderson said...

If we had a democracy people could vote for governments that help them find work ... kv

Why isn't finding work for the rich necessary? Because the rich have the resources, including income, to do the work they find meaningful?

Then why haven't other people those resources? Because they've been stolen by the banks and the most so-called credit-worthy, the rich, of what is, in essence, due to government privileges for the banks, the PUBLIC'S CREDIT?