Friday, May 25, 2018

North Korea still wants to meet with Trump

Art of the Deal:

Double triggers!!

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Tom Hickey said...

That's Xi talking through the mouth of Kim.

Xi is aiming at showing the world that the US is unreasonable.

Greg said...

Probably right Tom.

With the current crew running things it’s not hard to do

Noah Way said...

Not exactly a secret, most of the world already knows.

You're either with us or you're against us.

South Korea is the pivot now. Imagine if they turn towards China ...

Tom Hickey said...

Imagine if they turn towards China ...

Trump is betting the farm on continued vassalage to the Empire, both in Europe and Asia.

May work of some time, but eventually governments will be elected that will no longer be cooperative against their interests. The voters will demand it. And so will business. When that alliance comes about, it is all over.

Matt Franko said...

“against their interests.”

Whoa whoa whoa there I thought exports were a cost?????? What is this heresy???

Tom Hickey said...

It's the manner, not the matter.

The American Empire is coming across as a bully, like previous empires, and the US is being increasingly viewed as a rogue state drunk with military might.

DJT has natural tendency to be an asshole, and he is being goaded on by the people war hawks and neocons.

Konrad said...

QUESTION: What's the best way to continue praising your guru after your guru exposes himself as a total moron?

ANSWER: Easy. You simply claim that your idiot guru is playing "4D chess."