Friday, May 18, 2018

Mike Whitney — Foreign Policy Insiders Try to Scuttle Trump-Kim Nukes Deal

Good points. The best part is in the final several paragraphs.

The Unz Review


Matt Franko said...

“So far, I don’t see any indication that Washington knows how to deal with this threat.“

Well for a tip look at the Libya plan “of 2003-2004” as Bolton said and Trump endorsed....

Tom Hickey said...

Well for a tip look at the Libya plan “of 2003-2004” as Bolton said and Trump endorsed....

If Trump sticks to that, there will be no summit with NK. If the US attacks NK, China will come in on the side of NK. This is already on the table.

High stakes game.

Konrad said...

FROM THE ARTICLE: “Is Trump responsible for the U.S. military exercises? Of course not. The military exercises represent the interests of some deeper faction within the national security state who want the talks to fail so they can preserve the status quo.”

Yes. For warmongers, peace is terrifying.

Trump wants the Nobel Peace Prize, but he’s stupid enough to let the Deep State bully him into demanding 100% concessions from North Korea while offering nothing in return. It would be nice if the “commander in chief of the US military” was actually the commander in chief.

Incidentally, you know that the latest sanctions on Iran are actually an attack on Europe. Likewise the Deep State’s hostility to North Korea is an actually an attack on South Korea. It is an attack on Korean unity.

This brings up a related topic. Do you think that Israel “controls” the USA? No, Israel and the USA are one and the same abomination. Both rule the world by keeping it divided and at war. Israel is a parasite on the USA, and the USA is a parasite on the world.

The US-backed Saudis have murdered far more people in Yemen than the Israelis have murdered in Gaza. NATO annihilated Libya. The USA’s proxies have destroyed much of Syria. The USA destroyed much of Iraq, and continues to occupy Afghanistan.

Do you imagine that Israel “makes us” do all this? Do you imagine that Israel “makes” the US government want Julian Assange’s head on a pike? That is a self-righteous fantasy. It is a way to pretend that we are “victims” of Israel. No, the USA does these atrocities because the USA and Israel are both the same monstrosity.

The best way to fight Israeli evil is to stop participating in the evil. Never support hate, racism, divisiveness, and imperialistic war. Never support the “six million” lie. Never support Jewish supremacy or American supremacy. Never support hypocrisy. Never support the Republican or the Democrat establishment. Learn the difference between pathological political correctness (e.g. the “trans rights” mutants) and legitimate grievances (e.g. Black Lives Matter).

FROM THE ARTICLE: “Kim has been asked to choose between prosperity or nukes, and he has wisely chosen prosperity.”

Yes, and this infuriates the Deep State warmongers. Nothing terrifies Deep State psychopaths as much as a nation that is immune to the psychopaths’ evil. Nothing terrifies John Bolton as much as a world that has no use for him.

FROM THE ARTICLE: “Some of Trump’s deep state opponents probably think that they can derail Kim’s plans by sabotaging the June 12th Summit. But Kim does not need to reach an agreement with Trump. Kim merely has to convince his main trading partner, Beijing, that he’s made a sincere effort that was rejected by an unreasonable and tyrannical Washington. Bottom line: Kim is going to win one way or another.”

Excellent point. As Tom Hickey says, “Look at the long game, not the individual events.”

Noah Way said...

A wildly unpopular president whose blatant stupidity is heralded by a handful of retarded acolytes (such as Franko) as '4-D chess' is perfect cover for the Deep State, which can pursue its radical, suicidal agenda without interference - and blame Trump when it all goes bad.