Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Glenn Beck Contemplates Starting Own Channel

New York Times reports here.

Beck has been mis-reporting the U.S. fiscal realities for some time, and is the 'poster child' for the misinformed, 'U.S. Treasury as a Household' analogy. This analogy is simply incorrect, and as Beck continues to propogate this analogy, he is actually doing more damage to the U.S. economy as the public is increasingly led to believe that our country has less fiscal options.

Here is a video from the impostor Beck (he is masquerading as an informed economist) where he is lamenting how "our banker" China can "take our assets".

He actually sounds deranged in this short segment. He sounds like he is starting to lose it by the end of the clip. (It's kind of funny!)

Glenn, please read here how China is not "our banker", and they have already been paid for their imports (in US dollars) and are simply placing their surplus US dollar denominated balances in ultra-safe US Treasury securities for the time being.

Mike, if he is trying to hold up Fox for more money, I suggest you tell Roger Ailes to just let him off the hook!


Mario said...

I think beck could be clinically insane. lol

Tom Hickey said...

Matt, from what I hear, Fox is not going to renew his contract. He is even too goofy for them.

Mario said...

that's GREAT NEWS...I actually sort of suspected that...especially when I saw that he was appearing on Bill O'Reilly's was as if Fox was trying to "boost" his audience pool by doing that.

And then of course all the guy does is challenge Bill the whole time, which granted in and of itself is way fun to watch, b/c finally Bill gets to take some shit from SOMEONE!!! haha!! I will at least always respect Glenn Beck for holding strong against Bill O'Reilly...I think the Bible states you get points for that. LOL

Chewitup said...

If Mike can cry once in a while, they will give him his own show.

Crake said...

mike norman said...

I'm crying now, man. I mean, I'm laughing so hard I'm crying!!!

Matt Franko said...


Can we get you to pull all of Beck's teeth? That might stop him ;)