Saturday, March 26, 2011

Morons Can Sign-up Here:

This is an example of the kind of pop-up ads I am getting from Google. This one features U.S. Congressional Rep. Michelle Bachmann of Tea Party fame, suggesting her supporters tell our elected officials to "stop spending cold turkey", by supporting a fixed limit on the amount of U.S. Treasury securities that can be issued.

To paraphrase Charlie Gasparino: Is she insane?


Tom Hickey said...

Some of the other things she has said put her in the crazy category. This is just moronic.

Crake said...

I often wonder if these politicians believe this type of thing or if it just "branding." I guess it depends on the politician but this example is clearly a donation/support advertisement. I am sure her campaign has done or bought focus group studies that show what issues get her target donors blood boiling then uses those issues to gain donors. With this particular person, based on interviews of her, I doubt she understands anything of substance one way or the other.