Thursday, March 10, 2011

Mikenormaneconomics adding another Contributor!

I am pleased to announce that Tom Hickey will be joining Mikenormaneconomics as a Contributor. Tom is already a long-time reader and posts numerous, insightful comments in our comments section. He will be a great addition to this blog.

I want to also introduce Kevin Fathi, who recently came on board as a Contributor. Kevin has been putting up some great stuff focusing on social and political developments and trends. It's wonderful to have him here.

And of course there is Matt Franko, who has been a Contributor for about two years. Matt routinely provides excellent fiscal analyses that you can't find anywhere else. In addition, he has engaged in some very intelligent and thought provoking discussions with readers.

This blog has been growing in readership. My goal is to make it the preeminent MMT blog in the blogosphere and an important source of relevant economic and policy information and insight.

I want to extend my thanks and gratitude to all of our readers and contributors. Let's keep up the good work and forge ahead!

-Mike Norman


Matt Franko said...

:) !!!

Райчо Марков said...

Tom Hickey brings substance to any MMT blog. Congrats!

It will be interesting to read his future contributions here.

Seething said...

Good addition.

On days when I'm pressed for time, and all I can do is scan the comments section of the MMT blogs, I always take time to read what Tom writes.

Joe said...

Youve got a great blog here, Mike, even though I disagree with you politically. Glad to see the new contributors on board.

peterc said...

Great addition to a great blog!

Stephan said...

>"My goal is to make it the preeminent MMT blog in the blogosphere"

WOW. A very ambitious goal given Bill's daily performance ;-)

PS: Tom I've received the inquiry of your friend. I hope I can help out?

PPS: Bill told me you are a philosopher. Thus I would be curious about your opinion on this one by fellow philosopher Eric Schliesser: "What I don't get is why philosophers are so scared of economists!"

How corrupt is the Harvard Economics department, anyway? (And why are we philosophers so quiet?)

Letsgetitdone said...

Congratulations Mike, on the addition of Kevin and Tom. I've been a big fan of Tom's comments too and wondered when he would start to post his admirably clear views. I'm really looking forward to his contributions.quire

Anonymous said...

I wish to add my voice to the universal admiration of Tom Hickey's contributions to the MMT field.

Congratulations to Kevin too. There's been a lot of posts since I last checked the site.