Monday, March 21, 2011

I will be doing a regular, Friday afternoon debate segment on Fox. Help needed!

Fox has asked me to do a regular, Friday afternoon debate segment on Bulls & Bears. I will be squaring off against Charlie Gasparino. The format will be a kind of "point-counterpoint" thing.

Please send me ideas that I can propose for topics of discussion. It's an opportunity to get MMT out there. But remember, it has to be simple enough for mass consumption and very topical or related to something topical or Fox won't do it.

You can email me your ideas here.


googleheim said...

Hi Mike

1. Tell them how the currency game is rigged. how is it that the Yen with all it's debt can be so strong compared with U$D ? because the deficit terrorist tea party hijacked republicans want the U$D to be weak for exports and they can do that by balancing the budget and remove government spending from all the standard equations which feed GDP, etc

2. Tell them that interest rates are set by whatever the Fed wants them - not by some marketplace or condition therein.

3. Tell them scientific leadership has been handed over to the Europeans - example : Superconductor supercollider shut down by republicans in 1994. Now Europe has this but at same cost and 1/3 the power - it could have been made here bigger and badder but single-ledger deficit terrorists shipped it abroad.

4. Tell them economic leadership has been shipped abroad to China. not 1 Chinese Yuan.renmibi has been converted to buy these treasuries.

There is nothing better than a patriot taking a stand for creating assets for the USA by the USA.

Mario said...

congrats Mike...that's great.

1. How about talk about how irrelevant debt to gdp ratios are.

2. tell them that when the government spends...the people get that money. And right now they can use it.

3. Talk about inflation and how it really works AND how we need to get off oil asap and the government needs to set up more infrastructure and subsidies and programs to support us getting off oil...this is really a comparable "new deal" initiative for today. Like getting electrical outlets installed in every single gas station in America for electric cars for example.

4. Talk about how the US "owns" its currency and no one else can threaten that...ever.

congrats and good luck!!

mike norman said...

The US bankruptcy idea could be a good topic.

Mario said...

yes definitely. That's a great starting point b/c once that is answered it naturally opens up lots of other relevant questions and topics.

awesome. ;)

Райчо Марков said...

MMT is definitely in attack mode recently - Warren with, hopefully soon, Reuters interview, Bill with The Nation, John T. Harvey with Forbes, now Mike with more presence on Fox!
Go, guys, we will cover you! :-)

Matt Franko said...


I have a lot of respect for Charlie as far as him being a good reporter/journalist (does not seem to be one easy to bullshit), this may make him naturally a critical thinker and/or objective and honest.

He could be someone you could convince.

Then they could assign Jon Hoenig or Lou Dobbs to sit across from you.... that would be epic.

I'll try to think of some things.


mike norman said...


I agree with you on Charlie. He's a good, no bullshit kinda guy and me and him get along well. However, he thinks my "ideas" are crazy. And check out his Facebook page, it's like a carbon copy of something that Schiff could have put together at least in terms of those who follow him and comment. The same universe of wackos.

Letsgetitdone said...

Hi Mike, Congratulations on your greater exposure at Fox. Make it count for MMT!

I like the topic: "is there a Government deficit/public debt problem"


I also think the list of myths in this post provides topics:

Good luck!

The Joker said...

Mike, I think you should debate him on how government spending creates aggregate demand. Give him a lesson conveying how the federal stimulus prevented The Great Depression - Version II. I know this is too radical for Fox, but try it anyway. You never know!

Letsgetitdone said...

I'm pleased to announce that an MMT Group blog has been established at DailyKos, since the Kos community has many, many more readers than say, FDL. I'm one of the editors. Here's the group blog url:

Please join up and post.

googleheim said...

Don't forget about how the Euro is inflated over the USD to help McDonalds Pepsi Coke Oil Co's make larger earnings

Euro debt crisis never tucked the Euro under the U$D, how's that ?

how's that for currency rigging ?

Greece has been good to the Germs!

bubbleRefuge said...

How about a debate on eliminating corporate, income taxes, and payroll taxes on the basis that taxes do not fund government but rather "back" or create-demand-for the currency. Blind side them Mike. They think you are a liberal.

Mario said...

yeah I saw that and it looks cool. Great job with it and may it spread and prosper far and wide. I couldn't figure out how subscribe it to my google reader. Am I missing something on the site?

What's FDL?