Saturday, March 19, 2011

Read Bill Mitchell's article at The Nation and pass it on

Bill Mitchell has written an article for The Nation entitled Beyond Austerity. I found it to be an astounding accomplishment, even for Bill, who posts amazing MMT analysis daily at billy blog.

In a single article, Bill demolishes the position and arguments of the deficit hawks and deficit doves, and also buries the austerians, while setting forth the basics of MMT in terms that anyone can grasp. The article is a model for popular economic exposition that is concise, precise, and accessible. Bill even concludes with the job guarantee, working it in smoothly and convincingly.

Bill has created a model for talking about MMT to those not familiar with economics, as well as people that are not policy wonks. Just about everyone gets unemployment and what it does to an economy and to the country as a whole. Bill cuts through the fog of economic jargon and policy wonkery to present a persuasive case for mounting an MMT solution immediately, and he does it without even mentioning MMT explicitly.

This is not only a must-read, it is also a must-pass-on. Bill mentions other countries also, so the article is not applicable only to the US.

Congratulations, Bill, on a job well done. Encore.

Thanks also to The Nation for bringing this to its readership and putting MMT on the front page. Let's have more of this fare.

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