Saturday, March 26, 2011

Video: Mike vs Charlie on FoxBusiness

Link to video of Mike's "discussion" with Charlie Gasparino on the Bulls&Bears from yesterday here.

It's revealing that Charlie first responds with the ad hominem: "Insane", and then doesn't follow up with much more real information.

Charlie has no facts, Mike has the facts. Mike is a better journalist as he has the facts.

If MMT ever goes mainstream, there is going to be a lot of so called financial journalists receiving the "Dan Rather Treatment" in the financial media.


Chewitup said...

Tough to watch. Charlie needs to STFU for at least 30 seconds. It's a start, Mike. You should lobby for uninterrupted time (maybe in gradually increasing 5 second increments).

Anonymous said...

Sorry to say that Mike but It was too much shouting and not really presenting arguments. The moment was very good when you pointed out his argument which was that if the rates go down there is going to be inflation like he had said.
It wasn't your fault I guess there was just too much shouting. He didn't say anything that mattered but people believe those slogans anyway, so all he has to do is push on the buttons. Your role is harder to play. I've seen you in better episodes.

Mario said...

great job mike!!!

with dudes like that you gotta stick it right back at 'em AND deliver the real info/goods. It's more boxing than discussion. Jab-jab-hit!! :D

They also cut you off in the beginning about the output gap b/c you were making too much sense for them to feel comfortable!! LOL

great job.

Fox builds tougher skin. You did a great job. And yes too much shouting but again that's Fox! Awesome dude!! Keep it up for sure!!!

The ground-zero blast has been hit. ;) MMT is on the move!!

sforst said...

FOX uses you as the crazy lefty; not for fair an balanced reporting. You did well though, keep up the good fight!

Charlie is a smart man. I don't understand why he thinks your position is so stupid. Off air, you need to get to the bottom of his concern. I'm sure it's something about inflation, or his misguided fear of fiat money.

mike norman said...


I agree, very hard to watch. I was pissed and I let them know afterward. It was the regular Fox bullshit.

Letsgetitdone said...

Mike, I thought you did well. You kept your good humor and caught Charlie in contradictions. It will be interesting to see how things develop over a period of weeks.

Anonymous said...

I finally got around to watching this.

The segment was called Street Smackdown and the hosts called Gasparino, low blow, low blow, hit & run. Very suggestive on the only way he can win a fight.

That said from about the 5 minute mark you both seemed to be in agreement almost all the way to the end.

The first time I saw Mike was on a Fox thing like this and I was quick to dismiss his behaviour as another rabid FOX person but that's not true at all. I've seen and listened to Mike on other tv/podcast media and he's quite capable of making his case without being bombastic and pretentious. Mike's ability to do that won me over.

So a quick note of thanks to Mike. I value the work you do.

Tom Hickey said...

On Fox, you have to play their game — or get run over.

Plus, they like people that are good at playing their game and have them on more. It's about a good fight.