Monday, March 28, 2011

Responses to Paul Krugman

Predictably, Paul Krugman's unreferenced attack on "the modern monetary theory people — who say that deficits never matter, as long as you have your own currency" has drawn responses from some of the modern monetary theory people.

• Prof. James K. Galbraith responded in the comments to Krugman's second post. Mike Norman has posted Galbraith's comment:

Jamie Galbraith smacks down Paul Krugman

• I posted links to comments on Krugman posts by other MMT'ers here.

• Prof. Bill Mitchell responds in a post at billy blog:

Letter to Paul Krugman

• Prof. Scott Fullwiler responds in a guest post at Naked Capitalism:

Scott Fullwiler: Paul Krugman—The Conscience of a Neo-Liberal?

• Letsgetidone (Joe Firestone) posted separate responses to each of Krugman's posts at Daily Kos's Money and Public Purpose:

Paul Takes Another Swipe at MMT

Paul Doubles Down On Ignorance, Misconstrual, and Vague Scenarios

• maddog also posted a response at Daily Kos's Money and Public Purpose:

Krugman Misleads His Readers... AGAIN!

• selise posted a response at FireDogLake:

Paul Krugman gets it wrong…. Again

• Peter Cooper responds with a post at

• Pavlina Tcherneva posts a response at New Economic Perspectives:

• Jim O'Reilly posted at Comments on Global Political Economy:


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mike norman said...

The reaction by the MMT community to Krugman's dismissive comments can only be described as a "tsunami." I don't think he had even the slightest idea that he'd get that kind of response.