Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Escape to Costa Rica


Read it at Business Insider (with slideshow)
Colorado Couple Builds An Incredible Treehouse Village In Costa Rica
Mandi Woodruff


Anonymous said...

Their descendants are going to be incredibly rich.

JK said...

Not wanting to deforest their region, did they get all their wood for those tree houses from some other deforested region?? :)

Very cool though. Awesome pictures. Looks relaxing. Kind of reminds of the movie The Beach.

Tom Hickey said...

JK, "deforestation means clear cutting.

A lot of the wood they used was probably already fallen and reasonably dry.

Selective cutting in a tropical climate is no problem since vegetation grow quickly. Selective cutting is an improvement; deforestation leads to degradation instead, e.g., though erosion in what was a tropical rain forest before clear cutting.