Monday, July 30, 2012

Randy Wray — Nostradamus And The Euro

This should be the last word, but I suspect it won't be.

Read it at New Economic Perspectives
Nostradamus And The Euro
L. Randall Wray


Matt Franko said...

I think that Mike here was the first to publicly give props to the MMT thought leaders about the Euro and many other things that exhibited economic prescience.


Leverage said...

Honestly, why does this matter to anyone (who was first or last)? Is something about economists egos?

I thought economists were rational agents.

paul meli said...

Lev: "…why does this matter to anyone…"

It only appears to matter to those that got it wrong or got it right for the wrong reasons (not much difference).

The pay-to-play folks apparently don't feel like they're getting their moneys worth.

Matt Franko said...

I bet if you could go back thru the audio, you could find that Rush Limbaugh predicted Euro failure due to "European socialism", etc...


GLH said...

I think that, if you check the records, you will find that this whole thing was predicted on the ancient Inca calender.