Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Lisa Selin — Why Online Comments Are So Toxic

Online anonymity creates a sense of a culture without consequences.
Read it at AlterNet
Why Online Comments Are So Toxic
Lisa Selin Davis


jeg3 said...

In her case banning was within her power, and is the blog-owners responsibility to determine what is or not acceptable.

"Surprisingly Good Evidence That Real Name Policies Fail To Improve Comments"

I like the last line:
"The finding isn’t surprising: social science researchers have long known that participants eventually begin to ignore cameras video taping their behavior. In other words, the presence of some phantom judgmental audience doesn’t seem to make us better versions of ourselves."

Ralph Musgrave said...

Laugh of the day: I just got a comment on my blog from “Anonymous” saying they didn’t want the comment published because they wanted to remain anonymous.

Trixie said...

That was me Ralph. It HAS to be me. Please let it be me, regardless of what was said. It will make FDO weep...online for all to see.

"I am so important, and you guys don't even KNOW how BIG my bank is, and the SUPER important things I do to make BILLIONS with my superior intellect. YOU DON'T EVEN KNOW!"

I win!

(Flips hair)