Friday, July 27, 2012

Zero Hedge Outrage: U.S. Automobile Travels 2.33 Miles While Gaining Only 1 MPH in Velocity

Morons at ZeroHedge providing evidence that they do not know the difference between a stock and a flow, distance and velocity, a speedometer and an odometer, US government sector and non-government sector credit, etc...
In Q2 America Added $2.33 In Debt For Every $1.00 In GDP
Disgraced. Sad.


Edmund said...

Holy $#!t.

It's not much more stupid than the debt-to-GDP ratio actual, real people like to worry about, but they're part of the same ecosystem of stupid.

Behold, a graph of their ratio of terror:

He thinks a high ratio is bad, so late 2008 must have been occasion for, "Good news, everyone!"

Anonymous said...

Crazy sh6t!

Major_Freedom said...

How is pointing out a particular statistic "moronic"?

You're inferring something that isn't there. There was no analysis of the implications of this statistic.

It is not wrong to compare the statistic "debt growth to GDP growth" over time.

You're just mad that anyone is bringing this statistic up. You'd rather people shut up about it, huh?