Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Paul Buchheit — 3 Big Lies Perpetuated By the Rich

Too many Americans continue to be numbed by the soothing sounds of conservative spin in the media. Let's take a look at the facts.
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3 Big Lies Perpetuated By the Rich
Paul Buchheit


Trixie said...


When great wealth is generated instead by making smart buy and sell decisions in the markets, it smacks of inside knowledge, arcane financial instruments, opportunities that aren't accessible to ordinary people, and hocus-pocus. The good that these rich people have done in the process of getting rich is obscure. The benefits of more efficient allocation of capital are huge, but they are really, really hard to explain simply and persuasively. It looks to a large proportion of the public as if we've got some fabulously wealthy people who haven't done anything to deserve their wealth.


Because L.O.L.

y said...


"The benefits of a more efficient extraction of wealth are huge, but they are really, really hard to justify in a way that seems plausible to the common schmuck."