Saturday, July 28, 2012

Fabius Maximus — Imagining the future. Here are my guesses. Post yours as well.

1. The new world emerges 
2. Energy & Climate 
3. Technology 
4. Economics 
5. Demographics 
6. Military 
7. Politics 
Read it at Fabius Maximus

Fabius hits the high points. What do you think?

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Edmund said...

The boomers will be moving from life into the history books, to be known as the “crazy generation”. As youth their vanguard were hippies — drugs, free speech, free sex, no rules. As their hair turned grey and they grew prosperous their vanguard joined the Tea Party, working to roll back the New Deal. This enthusiasm gave a new lease on life to conservatism, which will follow them into the grave.

What follows will be a rapid jump in social attitudes, taking America and Europe to societies similar to the Nordic nations.

Sweet Jesus let it be true.