Sunday, August 26, 2012

Jonathan Krajack (JK) — Jonathan Krajack

Our own JK pens an op-ed for the hometown newspaper.

Great work, JK. Congrats on getting it published.

The Sentinel
Understanding the unemployment problem
By Jonathan Krajack, Special to The Sentinel


Clonal said...
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Matt Franko said...


Great job!

Clonal said...

Related,The Mom Cat points us to two items - A Chris Hayes video and a NY Time Economix Blog article - Big Income Losses for Those Near Retirement.

Points to the continued decline in median incomes in the GFC and in the subsequent "recovery"

Unforgiven said...

Well done, Jon! Looking forward to more.

circuit said...

Nicely done. Well presented.

JK said...


I just checked to see if there were comments. There are two of them… and they are not being kind. They basically made these two points:

1) Weimar
2) what I'm proposing caused the problems we're in.


Unfortunately the comments section only allows a small paragraph. It's hard to respond to comments like those in 100 words or so.

Tom Hickey said...

Good opportunity to provide references.

1) Bill Mitchell, Zimbabwe for hyperventilators 101

2) Bill Mitchell, Stock-flow consistent macro models

JK said...

Tom, thanks for those links. I'll share them.

JK said...

I decided to share Bill Mitchell's piece on hyperinflation, and this one on national accounting: