Friday, August 31, 2012

HighBrowlander Humor Series - "There Can Be Only 1%!"

commentary by Roger Erickson

My brother sent me this video from the BraveNewFoundation.

Meet the industry that makes the Koch brothers look poor.

Now, after the last 4 years, I no longer trust anyone, and wouldn't even be surprised if the Koch Bro's secretly OWNED BNF! The video raises more questions than it answers, so does anyone have the skinny on BNF?  I hadn't heard of them before now.

Actually, as a sign of our paranoid times, my first thought was: "Don't dis da K'bros! They'll just make new vows to be #1. As in the Highlander video series, they think there can be only 1%."

Oh, no! Is our whole generation just an episode in a HighBrowlander series? In that series, the K'Bros are competitors from planet JBirch, sent here to compete to be chief assassin back in their parallel "ruiniverse" - the birthplace of Ludditism.

Note another suspicious feature the Highlander & HighBrowlander series share, each succeeding episode goes further downhill!  In a better world, there would have been only one, and we wouldn't have to keep remaking worse versions every generation.

* This post fully motivated & calculated by Austrian Dreckinomics, BFD, through it's wholly owned subsidiary, Austerian Wreckinomics.  If you have real insights to be ignored by these ideologues, please contact Paul Ryan's mentor, Ayn Rand.  Anything you say can & will be denied, and then held against you.


Roger Erickson said...

(Note to Bob Roddis & "Marris": We've registered a place in Nebraska where the sun don't shine, and have lined it with gold. There, we'll parse your endless complaints in pristine conditions, looking for the 1% that may actually contain logical suggestions. Don't worry about staff boredom, 'cuz this location will be staffed by sleeping robots.)

Anonymous said...

That video linked to this video, it is by Jesse Schell, he was recently at the federal consortium of virtual worlds at the National Defense University in DC.

He makes some intriguing propositons for societal engineering, getting paid to brush your teeth.

Erickson, why alienate roddis and marris? I don't want to talk to people that always agree with me.

paul meli said...

This is funny (& sad at the same time).

My most common reference to where the path of wealth accumulation is taking us has been "there can be only one".

Always figured it was an exaggeration to the extreme but maybe not.

Roger Erickson said...

"Erickson, why alienate roddis and marris? I don't want to talk to people that always agree with me."

Nebraska humor.