Saturday, August 25, 2012

Constitutional law professor Jonathan Turley on Obama's statism

TURLEY: Oh, President Obama has created an imperial presidency that would have made Richard Nixon blush. It is unbelievable.
Shannyn Moore: Just A Girl From Homer
John Cusack & Jonathan Turley on Obama’s Constitution
(h/t Lambert Strether at Naked Capitalism


Matt Franko said...

Why doesnt he just comprise the tribunals with representatives from all 3 branches of govt?


Matt Franko said...

Another thing I see Tom is that "drone warfare" is one truly new warfare tactic that is emerging.

This is cutting edge technology.

These systems need testing and demonstration venues for further development and refinement so they probably look at the Af/Pak theatre as as good a place as any to develop this technology.

Ive read that the military is also looking at unmanned F/A aircraft for both 'air to air' and 'attack' (no pilots!)

Larger point:

If you think about it, the ultimate weapon system may be one where you can "push a button" and in real time kill a key individual(s) anywhere on the globe.

Imagine having a weapon system in WW2 where you could somehow thru remote biological sensing, pinpoint Hitler, then in real time send in a precision strike standoff weapon or a team to take him out directly....

think WW2 would have been over more quickly????

Ultimately you want to get to the point where you can quickly kill "the head".

What is the alternative? We have to use millions of human "pawns" to go up against each other because we cant figure out how to legally justify the killing of one or a few key individuals? US citizens or otherwise???

Our weapon systems are getting more and more accurate, it's time the legal system caught up with it.

We have to figure out how to do precision strike on individuals legally, the technology is coming...


Matt Franko said...

The Elite would never want such a weapon system to exist or if not they would at least want to suppress it's so-called "legality" ....


geerussell said...

There's a certain logic to suppressing such tactics beyond simple self-preservation for elites.

A head offers the opportunity for negotiation and surrender. If decapitation leads to adaptation, you can end up fighting not a group of people so much as a disembodied idea and memes are notoriously difficult to kill.