Monday, August 27, 2012

Rodger Mitchell — The coming election: Presidents come and go, but the Supreme Court is “forever”

Rodger points out that the coming election is really about the Supreme Court and judiciary. The right has realized this for a long time. It has long been the objective of conservatives to gain effective control of the judiciary.
After Citizens United the left is now waking up to the danger to liberalism posed by the current composition of the Supreme Court and that one more relatively young conservative justice would tip the balance hard right for some time to come, with potentially devastating social consequences decisions reflecting business interests and conservative morality.
This is a dynamic that greatly favors President Obama, since many on the left who would otherwise either pass or vote for a third party candidate to "send a message" will hold their noses and vote for the president again just because of the judiciary.

In the US, voting for a particular party is also voting for the composition of the judicial branch of government, and this aspect of voting is not subject to periodical review through future elections. Once federal judges are appointed it is for life, unless removed for cause, which is rare.

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