Saturday, August 25, 2012

Lord Keynes — Debate on the Origin of Money

Lord Keynes updates the debate on money origins.

Social Democracy For The 21St Century
Debate on the Origin of Money
Lord Keynes


Matt Franko said...

LK references an article from 'The Economist' here:

"MONEY is perhaps the most basic building-block in economics. It helps states collect taxes to fund public goods..."


Read no further this person is a MORON... you will learn NOTHING from this person.

This person does not even have the logical mental capacity of a pre-school child.

100% GARBAGE. 'The Economist' is disgraced.


Tom Hickey said...

Yeah, that's what I said when I linked to it here a few days ago.

Matt Franko said...


This from Aristotle what.... 2,500 years ago?:

"Nomisma by itself is a mere device which has value only by nomos (law) and not by nature; so that a change of convention between those who use it, is sufficient to deprive it of value and its power to satisfy our wants." — Aristotle, "Politica."

"By virtue of voluntary convention nomisma has become the medium of exchange. We call it nomisma, because its efficacy is due not to nature but to nomos (law), and because it is always in our power to control it." — Aristotle, " Ethica."

If you can see what I mean; does any of this need further discussion????

Is not Aristotle simply TELLING US WHAT THEY (really 'WE' imo) DID?

Is this not "end of story"?

Do you see what I mean???

I dont know why anyone would read a book on the origins/history of "money" that didnt have the Greek word 'nomisma' in it?????