Thursday, August 23, 2012

Looney is not just a Texan thing

No, that judge in Texas was not an aberration.
On his Facebook page, Szabo claims that sheriffs in the United States have broad powers and are duty-bound to prevent any action they deem to be unconstitutional. He also said that as sheriff he would stop the United Nation’s sustainable development plan known as Agenda 21, which some conspiracy theorists claim is a plot to force “communitarianism” on Americans.
The Raw Story
Sheriff candidate would use deadly force to stop abortions
Eric W. Dolan

The GOP establishment is now riding the tiger as they watch the loonies trash their brand.
  • Republican House Speaker Bill O’Brien has called for Szabo to drop out of the race.


paul meli said...

The loonies may be trashing the brand but they will also end up owning the franchise.

That leaves moderate Republicans to migrate to the Democratic Party, moving the Overton Window further to the right.

All the while the average citizen sits way to the left based on polling on individual issues.

How can this be happening?

It has to be the money being spent to disseminate FUD.

We have always been taught the best strategy is to play the percentages.

wrt Climate change 98% of the climate science community is in agreement so the choice of what side to choose is obvious.

Yet a plurality has made the wrong choice. The same thing can be said of evolution.

I hate the baby boomers. Bring on the decadent youth.

dave said...

baby boomers have been a big disappointment for sure