Friday, August 31, 2012

Romney Analysis of Economy, just one word Jobs.

Dear Mr. President and Governor Mitt Romney;

Where as we who are not the lowest common denominator posit we are educated and here is the truth: 1) Political speeches are not speaking to US Stakeholders. 2) Politicians lie or tell half truths. 3) We are all trying to make a profit or get money 4) Your politicical speakers are for TV viewers 5) Lobby money buys political influence and legislation 6) Even your children don't like you.

Wow, I listened to Marco Rubio on the RNC and heard him say that Obama spend $1 Trillion more than the government received in revenue. What a lie. It is well over a $1 Trillion. Then he goes on to say all kinds of things that distract us from the State Of the Union. Clint Eastwood comes on to remind us that this is all a performance. Politics is a performance.

I listened to a few of these speakers and wondered if I would put some thing down on paper. No mater what I write the political performance at the RNC will prove to be more vague. There is no political info in politics. And the media don't help.

You listen to Mitt Romney and the party leaders and you end up dummer for the effort. It was the same old speech. There was nothing new. Romney is an analyst. Romney is a financial, business and economic analyst. He lives in the world of Balance Sheets and Financial Statements.

But Romney's analysis of the Economy is simply one word. Romney says that Jobs are number #1. We need Jobs. Do you have a plan for creating jobs? No.

What an idiot. He plays to the lowest common denominator. What message will America understand? Jobs. Well okay what is the solution? Jobs. Dumb ass.... I could kick him in the face.

Mitt Romney is an analyst of the economy and of business costs. What is his answer to the economic problems? Jobs. Any specifics? No.

Well Mr. Governor Romney what is your plan for the economy? Jobs. So after all your financial experience, business experience, layoff experience, off shoring experience, outsourcing experience, and merger experience.... you just say jobs. Yes. Do you have a plan for creating jobs? No.

What an asshole.

This man has made the US Voter dumber after 3 hours of TV waiting for him to show up.

Politicians feed their own addiction in public and on our time in the main stream media. Who else has the Ego to make us all watch his/her own life succeed or fail. These people are narcissistic. And when you start looking for it... there are many different examples of narcissism.


Tom Hickey said...

Well, we know what Romney-Ryan's real plan for jobs is: 1) cut taxers for the wealthy, who are the "job creators," and cram down workers compensation and protections so they will accept any job at any wage. Now, what could go wrong with that?

Anonymous said...

You could say the same ting about Obama.

Tom Hickey said...

You could say the same ting about Obama.

Yes, not too much difference wrt domestic economic policy. The difference boils down to political and judicial appointments and foreign-military policy.

DAB said...

Yes we know the dems have no clue about Modern Monetary Operations but to say there is no difference in domestic economic policy?

Please expand on that.

Tom Hickey said...

The establishments of both parties are on the same page wrt whom they represent — the wealthy and American empire.

In fact, I am concerned that only Obama will actually be able to change SS and Medicare. The GOP cannot do this alone without Dem help, but Obama can do it with a GOP controlled congress. And he will.

DAB said...

yeah thanks Tom..

I don't know what to do anymore. Maybe the grand experiment is truly coming to and end.

Matt Franko said...

How far have we come in 2,000 years FYI take a look at Augustus historic summary:

"1. In my nineteenth year, on my own initiative and at my own expense, I raised an army with which I set free the state, which was oppressed by the domination of a faction. ....."

(I wonder what kind of "faction"????)


Roger Erickson said...

Someone tell Mitt that Steve already died?

The real "jobs: creators were two young, unmarried, unemployed people.

Don't want THAT to happen again! It would turn political semantics on it's ear. (Does it even have one anymore, or only a slot to accept purchases?)

Roger Erickson said...

Overall, Middle Aged: well said! I have to agree with your assessment.

Now if that tactic carries the day for Romney, as it did for Reagan ...
@#$%&! It'll just prove once again that we have met our enemies, and they are us.

We'll see.

Middleaged-Living-in-a-Land-of-Makebeleive said...

I guess politicians fear putting out a 'real' analysis. There could be push-back or backlash or claw-back from lobbyist.

I was going to erase the post since it is a little to edgy.

Anybody think the post was inappropriate? I can delete it.


I'm pretty sure Romney will continue DOD spending at $600-700 B. I suppose this can be called an investment to create jobs.

I suppose Romney Tax plan is actually 1) Cut taxes for corporations and highest income brackets 2) Leave all the loop holes in the tax code 3) Continue most of the 2000+ subsidies 4) Maybe he would liberalize rules for offshore banking and create a tax holiday for bringing dollars back from overseas...?


Yes all politicians are the same. Although I'm going to look at voting third party at this point.

dave said...

it was an awesome post! do not delete

Tom Hickey said...

I'm pretty sure Romney will continue DOD spending at $600-700 B.

Based on what he has said on occasion, I would expect Romney to grow the military portion of the budget, or fight some more wars off budget like Bush.

Middleaged-Living-in-a-Land-of-Makebeleive said...

Roger Thanks.
Dave Thanks.

Tom, I agree. And since the DOD budget has only had a few years of regression under Clinton I should revise my forecast of DOD budget to $700 - $800 Billion(although generally a neutral DOD budget under clinton).

SchittReport said...

you guys are missing the point:

59.93m people voted for mccain - palin in 2008. this means the GOP can count at least 60m zombie voters in this time around. what they need to do is lie, lie and lie and spend a lot of money in the process to convince ~20m 'undecided voters' to vote for them, particularly in swing states.

it's not that hard. how do you think george w. bush, the biggest joke of all democratically elected leaders in the history of mankind, was elected for not 1 term but 2 terms? fool me once, fool me again.

sorry but democracy doesn't work when you have too many stupid people around.

paul meli said...

Sad to say but I voted for Bush twice. Fortunately I had an Oh shit!!! awakening around 2007 and was able to rescue my worldview out of its stupor. I've been working hard to get up to speed.

Sometimes it's better not to look back, one has to forgive himself. This view does not apply to Wall Street and the powers that be.

I was stupid, not evil.

Tom Hickey said...

SR. right. Each party has to motivate as much of its base to show up and vote, then convince enough of the swing voters to vote for them. That swing votes boils down to just a few scattered counties and they know which ones. Several billion $ will be spent on this.

The GOP base is already highly motivated. The Dem base not so much.

Trixie said...

Paul, how do you see FL voting this November?

paul meli said...


The presidential race is extremely close right now, Romney may have a slight lead. We'll have to wait and see what happens after the convention bumps.

Bill Nelson has an 8-point lead in the Senate race so the Dems should hold there and it looks like Alan Grayson will return to Congress in a new more liberal district.

The vote-suppression strategy of the GOP seems to be working here - new Dem registrations are way down.

There are only a handful of counties in Florida that lean Democrat, 6 or 8 out of 67.