Thursday, August 22, 2013

DogStar Days of August: Maybe ECONOMISTS Are Remnants Of An Ancient Parasite, Still Living Largely Undetected In, On And Among Us?

Parasite in Cheek Commentary by Roger Erickson look alike.

Detectable only by the social health burden they impose on the unwitting host?*

That would, at least, explain the anomalous market responses to seemingly bizarre steps such as QE.** Once the parasite penetrates our cultural policy apparatus, seemingly random system response patterns may eventually be seen as processes which indirectly benefit or at least protect the parasite.***

* Courtesy of the Ancient Load Semantic Trove

** Anyone noticed the curious repetition of the "QE" motif, in both the 1750-era East India Corp. re-conquest of India, and the 2008-era banker-corp re-conquest of the USA? Others have suggested that the interim terms "QV" and "EI" would have instead given way to "EE" if another layer if parasitic indirection had not been adopted over such courtly blandishments.

*** Note that all prior social parasite terminology has yielded to the modern pejorative, "Control Fraud."

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Roger Erickson said...

I'm again convinced that group intelligence is only a staged retreat against the scale of disarray.

Entropos et revers entropos?

"And yet, the local reversal of entropy expands it's shielding."

(message muttered by every evolving being, at moment of demise.)

Why do we keep trying? It seems to be an unpredictable, addictive outcome of thermodynamics, nay quantum statistical mechanics. Something's just stringing us along?