Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Rhyme of the Ancient Marriner Eccles - Redux

Commentary by Roger Erickson

"People, people everywhere ... and nary a NATION to think."
Where have we ended up, in the 80 years since that old Marriner - fiat in hand - set our country on a new course?

Well, no place to be satisfied with. We've ended up with 10 words you NEVER want to hear as a citizen of a supposed nation, or as a member of a social species.

"The lesson here is that you are on your own."

We can keep restating the obvious about pre-social species - forever. Or?

What's next? What might we start doing that actually WILL start catalyzing a new direction for beleaguered citizens deluged with everything EXCEPT coordination? After all, there's no return like NOT returning to the past. There's also not much return on being stuck in a present not allowed to adapt.

We still have public fiat in hand. Problem is that you can lead a nation to it's own fiat, but you can't make 'em use it. At least not easily. Instead, they'd prefer to endlessly debate how much fiat they can uselessly balance on the head of a pinheaded Control Fraud.

Ok, so it's not going to be easy. Fine. However, out of ~140 million, supposedly literate, adults ... surely we can start accumulating some suggestions that actually extend and exceed, rather than fall short of, the policy agility we were generating 80 years ago? We still have a stiff wind at our backs, and plenty of junior Marriners. So why are we uselessly Orszaging back and forth, beating Public Purpose against the same old crock?

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