Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Read It And Weep - Blindfolded Man Walkering

Commentary by Roger Erickson

What'd the Soviets use to yell, endlessly? "We're winning. We're whining. We're winning."

Winning what? The war against group intelligence?
(The Middle Class is now dying to learn which metrics are used to select the "nation's top accountant.")

Don't miss the highlighted phrases. Aside from the comic relief provided by those screamers, the only good news is that fewer people are actually paying any attention to the walkering man.

Nation's former top accountant eyes US debt warily

"The economy is slowly growing, the government's yearly budget deficit falling. But the nation's former top accountant doesn't buy the idea that everything is OK."

"... I'm a patriot who knows math ..."

"... bring in more 
[fiat] ..."

"I have answers."

Well, responses at least. So did Alice in Wonderland.  Do you suppose David Walker ever heard of Beardsley Ruml? You know, while David was training to be the nation's top accountant? Knowledge of Marriner Eccles' 1936 & 1938 policy explanations might be asking too much of a top accountant. Maybe after David stoops to walking in the Middle Class's fiat, instead of on them.


system failure due to insufficient evolution? said...

Breaking News:

EBU stops its support to the Hellenic Public Broadcaster: Another victory for the neoliberal dictatorship

Roger Erickson said...

system failure due to insufficient evolution?

sounds like the GOP, closely trailed by the DNP ... both followed by the US Middle Class

Maybe we really do need a Mutant Party!

system failure due to insufficient evolution? said...

Hi Roger

I'm afraid I'm not familiar with this

What the GOP and DNP stand for?