Monday, August 26, 2013

Some testimonials from people who took my Forex course

I was asked to provide some testimonials from people who took my Forex course in the past. Here are some below. The next course will be held Sep 16 - Sep 20. Get info Mike Norman Forex trading course.

I wanted to take the time to thank you and tell you that your techniques freed me from fear. I am no longer afraid to take the trade. I know I can fix whatever comes at me or at least break even. This has been my biggest issue in trading. Since your class I have been trading fear free and enjoying it.  -Chuck
I came into the boot camp not knowing anything about forex or forex trading. Prior to the class I did logon to the Oanda system to learn the basics of the software and forex nomenclature, I would very much recommend anyone not familiar with forex to take the time to do this first.  In the three day course Mike was able to convey a clear step by step methodology and demonstrate trading techniques that not only anyone can understand but are actually practical to use.  Mike describes how to understand what makes the Forex markets move, how to position yourself for success, and if need how to work out of a negative position. Mike was very engaging, entertaining, and keep a fast pace for the entire class.  I had high expectations for the class and I can say that not only were my expectations met but in many way they were exceeded.   I now have the knowledge and confidence to begin forex trading.  How successful I will be is still an unknown but I do know that Mike has committed to all his students that he can be contacted for questions and advice.  I highly recommend the boot camp and  I am sure if you take the class you will feel the same. -Dan
First let me say that you have revolutionized my trading...most importantly me. The lecture for me was like getting a shot of steroids! I have increased in confidence just from your seminar you've taught. I was very timid of losses and making mistakes, but your talks, strategy and kick in the butt has transformed me. Thank you!
Dear Mike,
I wanted to personally thank you for the Forex course you gave. I have already made 80 pips today directly as a result of your methods. I have NEVER made 80 pips in one day. I was becoming so frustrated and negative, having been new to trading since this past October. Many many many many thanks!!!  -David
I LOVED having you as an instructor and I absolutely love your trading style and have been using it as well. Blessings, Mike. -Jay

Dear Mike,
I want to thank you again for the class you gave. It has made a big difference in my trading. I had my most profitable week ever & actually believe I can succeed at trading in the forex market. Again, thank you for taking the stress out of trading for me . I like your method. It works very well for me! 

Thanks Mike. My account went positive today using your trading method. Thanks. I am definitely interested in continuing my education with you. Kind regards,
I was new to FX and have been using your methods with some success. I was glad to have been introduced to your system. -Rita
I was very impressed and extremely grateful that I was present for your forex class, because you've shown me a method that can make me money. I'm with the others who say your forex method is the best I've seen. I will be interested in your upcoming classes, please stay in touch. - Joe
I was one of the students in the Forex trading course you gave. I personally want to thank you for the profound impact your teaching had on me. I have been trying to be a trader for more than 2 years and I have failed totally. The main reason is that most teaching is based on trend trading and I am a pure contrarian. That makes me see things different that most people. I learned in you seminar that I can make money in the markets following my own personality, without conflicts and internal struggles. This week I enjoyed trading for the first time in my life and I was able to finish everyday in the black. That I owe it to you. Thanks again. -Guido
I would like you to know that I have been trading your method exclusively since your training class. I have been able to take profits at 40 or 80 pips, according to your method. This has been fantastic and it has never happened for me before!
I really enjoyed the lesson you taught, including your style and approach to trading Forex. I just wanted to say that, since trading your methods my P&L is finally positive! -Kambon
Dear Mike,
I want to thank you for your seminar - since then I had my first profitable week in four months! It was really helpful to hear you questioning many of the beliefs and rules, that in fact kept me making losses. if my trading career - hopefully - takes off from here: you will be the one who gave me the missing part. All the best and thanks again,

The next course will be held Sep 16 - Sep 20. Get info Mike Norman Forex trading course.


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