Tuesday, August 20, 2013

"Saving Private Fiat"

Commentary by Roger Erickson

Why stop investing in kids - or any citizens - only AFTER birth?

Why, we could stop investing in the entire future ... and save a bundle! (Of fiat, anyway. You can save fiat, can't you?*)

Why, for an example of the potential, just look at Detroit!

Sequestration: slashing Head Start funding

Hoarding and "saving" fiat - what a concept! We should make a movie. "Saving Private Fiat." Wouldn't even have to pay the actors much, or need much of a budget. Just sit on the sidewalk, lean against a lamppost, and let a cheap helmet-cam stream the adventures of a sleeping drunk. Previews have already been a blockbuster attraction with upper class viewers - who seem to have a morbid desire to see nothing in action.

* What do you get when you save up fiat, aka, public initiative instead of using it? Epidemic obesity? And zero adaptive rate? And national demise? Good thing we're spending so much on National Security ... right? Gotta secure that hoarded adipose!! We may need it to fill up the sinkhole forming between our policy ears.


Tom Hickey said...

"Why, we could stop investing in the entire future ... and save a bundle!"


The Just Gatekeeper said...

CC: President Obama, All Members of Congress, People of the United States

Seriously, I think the way you framed it here as "saving fiat" really makes the point clearly and powerfully. WTH is this so hard to understand for some people?

Bob Roddis said...

Squirting new funny money into society merely causes a one-time-only theft of someone else's purchasing power and leads eventually to a general increase in the price of most stuff. Welshing on debts by paying them with depreciated funny money is still welshing on debts. Further, the process will invariably cause economic miscalculation, the boom/bust cycle and asset bubbles. Even people who don't know that know that new funny money does not and cannot solve the problem of scarcity.

People get it. They know the "argument" in this post is all B.S.

Matt Franko said...


There is no scarcity.... this is a fantasy of libertarians....

The point of Roger's post is that "we're all fat..." in effect...


googleheim said...

This shows there are two prolifes
Republican version making more babies but more future slaves
Realistic version making more babies but fewer slaves and more educated and vaccinated adults