Friday, August 23, 2013

When Crooks Act Smarter Than Prosecutors

Commentary by Roger Erickson

And electorates too.

We're selecting the wrong prosecutors, for the wrong reasons?

"It doesn’t make any sense TO ME that they would [cause their own firm to lose money], Wagner said."

Well, you might wanna, you know, THINK on it a little bit, genius? And, you know, maybe ask who gets the money the firm "loses" as a result of the cause? Embezzling - i.e., stealing from your own company - is NOT, I repeat NOT a new concept. Nor a rare one.

So why this NEW phenomenon of crooks being smarter than prosecutors?

Crooks haven't gotten any smarter? Hmmm. That leaves very few other options. Let's see if the electorate is smart enough to figure this out on their own.

While y'er giving it a t'ink, lets run through some of the accomplices.

Who's selecting these prosecutors? And how many of them? [Don't tell me we can no longer afford enough fiat to police our own crime rates, with either enough prosecutors OR by filling those positions with people who actually exhibit the required confluence of intelligence, experience, drive, morals and lack of fixated ideology?]

And who's selecting the people delegated with selecting such prosecutors? Are we getting a little warm yet?

And who's selecting the people who set the standards for selecting prosecutors? Hmmm?

Getting a bit uncomfortable? GOOD!

It also never made sense to me, that citizens would actively vote to degrade their own policy apparatus. Yet when public purpose is draining away faster than a 1% solution through a hole in daddy's arm ... you might want to wonder who's getting all the public fiat, AND trying to reduce it's flow. If not enough public fiat is getting to the Middle Class .. the solution is to reduce net public initiative? Brilliant! [psst, Genius. I got a virtual bridge in Arizona to sell ya.]

At the same time, maybe ask what the 1% recipients are DOING with all the hoarded fiat? Just sayin'.

Unfortunately, declining group intelligence is also not, I repeat NOT a new phenomenon. So let y'er mind roam, and consider whether crooks are getting smarter than citizens ... or just putting in more effort. It's terrible, after all, to see a group intelligence wasted, only because we're not making the effort to select what's important to us. It's not just fools & money that are soon parted. It's also the inactive and their group fiat.

Is there a hole in fiat's name, where all the public initiative goes?

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