Monday, August 26, 2013

Sign up for my upcoming Forex trading course in September!

If you missed my last Forex trading course don't worry, I will be giving another one 

September 16 - September 20.

Mike Norman's 5-day online intensive Forex trading course.

Learn how to trade Forex successfully.
Some of the things I will be teaching you:

  • How to take steady, consistent, profits day trading foreign currencies
  • How to sell high and buy low with ease and precision
  • How time zones can clue you in to market direction
  • How to put the odds in your favor on every trade
  • How to limit losses without frequent stop outs
  • How to take advantage of the news for big profits
  • How to use support and resistance the way savvy pros do


Red Rock said...

How about a few testimonials from people that have taken the course. Did you enjoy the course. More important, has it been profitable for you. Come now, don't be shy!

mike norman said...

Go here: Mike Norman Forex course and scroll down. There are lots of testimonials.

Anonymous said...

Mike thank you so much for offering this course. It has been invaluable to me from learning about how the action on the floor works, where to find valuable resources and data, to learning discipline and detachment. It now looks like I have some solid slow and steady progress in my account.

Nahid Sopna said...

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