Friday, August 1, 2014

Laurence Kotlikoff Tries To Screw His Country Again ... On Behalf Of Whomever's Paying Him. The NY Times Jumps Onboard As Willing Accomplice

   (Commentary posted by Roger Erickson)

Add Laurence Kotlikoff to that list of identified traitors to the USA.
"HOUSEHOLDS can’t spend, on a continuing basis, more than they earn. Countries can’t either, at least not over the long run."
Kotlikoff is spewing words that fail the most fundamental rule of discourse: Define your terms - or accept nonsensical semantics masquerading as discourse. Was Kotlikoff raised on Erble Logic?

Just restate his statements accurately, in the following way.

"CURRENCY USERS can’t spend, on a continuing basis, more than the currency they earn.

CURRENCY ISSUERS can, obviously, since they create, on-demand, the currency that their users need, to denominate existing transactions - no matter how fast they increase."

See? That wasn't so hard.

Kotlikoff is inventing a fiat mountain out of fiat nonsense, by misusing the semantics. Why? He should go into the magicians business, where it actually pays to distract and fool audiences. That strategy does NOT benefit a democracy.

How do YOU spell "Benedict Arnold?"

Few, if any, perform this kind of treason without a willing sponsor. Does anyone know who is paying Kotlikoff to spew such nonsense? Neither Marriner Eccles nor Beardsley Ruml would approve. Not even Benjamin Franklin

Who ya gonna believe? People that SERVED their country? Or those who undermine it, for personal gain?


Tom Hickey said...

ONly someone with is either a dunce or a tool would promote something so obviously ridiculous as "fact."

And only dunces would fall for it.

Unfortunately, there are lot of dunces around, dumbed down by the constant wave of neoliberal propaganda.

Roger Erickson said...

NY Times actually printed my comment.

Kotlikoff has stirred a Horton's nest! :)

Maybe the blowback from this will reveal which Outright & Innocent FRAUDS have been stripping the public naked. :(

Rodger Malcolm Mitchell said...

It's far worse than his one sentence: There's much more.

Pity his students.

Roger Erickson said...

Absolutely true, Rodger.

There's too much material stupidity to adequately cover in one sound bite. :(

Pity Kotlikoff's students, and then pity the unsuspecting citizens of the USA - who don't deserve what's being done to them.