Saturday, September 20, 2014

AFP — Mikhail Khodorkovsky breaks political silence, saying he would lead Russia

The plot thickens. The West definitely wants regime change back to the pro-Western oligarchs and oligarchic "democracy." Grooming a replacement for Putin.
The former oil tycoon and adversary of president Vladimir Putin has launched a pro-European political platform from exile.
The former tycoon Mikhail Khodorkovsky, who spent a decade in jail after challenging the Kremlin, says he would be ready to lead Russia if called upon.
Khodorkovsky’s statement, at the launch of an online movement called Open Russia, appears to break his promise to steer clear of politics, which he made after being pardoned by president Vladimir Putin in December.

“I would not be interested in the idea of becoming president of Russia at a time when the country would be developing normally,” he was quoted as saying by Le Monde newspaper.

“But if it appeared necessary to overcome the crisis and to carry out constitutional reform, the essence of which would be to redistribute presidential powers in favour of the judiciary, parliament and civil society, then I would be ready to take on this part of the task.”
Open Russia is intended to unite pro-European Russians in a bid to challenge Putin’s grip on power.…
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Anonymous said...

The neoconservative carpetbaggers have been trying to get these money-laundering cronies back in place every since Putin broke up the old networks.