Sunday, September 21, 2014

Any Idea How The "Economics" Discipline Missed 500 Years Of Bio/Anthro/Sociological Science?

   (Commentary posted by Roger Erickson)

Not to mention 10,000 years of myth & religion, and +200,000 years of human cultural operations?

The Looming Death of [The Frankenstein Called Economics]*
Hint: It was never alive in the 1st place. That was just a lie big enough to sell to gullible & cowed peasants.
"The mainstream view that people are wholly self-interested economic actors denies our innate capacity for reciprocity, fairness, and moral responsibility."
Ya think? This is news? Where has this discipline BEEN the last 500 years? With it's head stuck somewhere where the sun don't shine?

My first guess is that orthodox economics evolved as a "court phenomenon" serving purely to curry gratitude from aristocrats interested in promoting their fantasy of a divine right to manage "their" peasants.

Orthodox Economics: a disciplined method of brown-nosing;
   The Devil's Evolving Dictionary

* Apparently, no one ever tried to make a Frankstein Man out of straw before. :( So the common folk didn't recognize it, until everything went up in flames .... repeatedly.

Of course, there's a competing theory about the sect called orthodox economics, even though the labels were changed to protect the criminal.

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