Saturday, September 27, 2014

Saker — The Russian response to a double declaration of war

The double declaration is a reference to Poroshenko's speech to the US Congress and Obama's remarks This post is long, 6000 words, and also rambling in parts as Saker addresses local concerns. But it contains some very useful information about what is going on between the US and Russia geo-politically and geo-strategically, so it is worth reading those parts. While it is written from one person's POV, Saker is a former intelligence analyst that understands this kind of analysis and he is intimately familiar with this area, fluent in the languages.

The Vineyard of the Saker
The Russian response to a double declaration of war


Ryan Harris said...

ALL our earthly weapon systems depend on our satellite networks for gps guidance, sensing, and communication. We've had to replace our lower orbit satellites as China could destroy them. Now they have weapons to destroy the ones further out. While India is off to mars, with a long history of Russian cooperation. And Russia is spending 8+ billion to "improve the space station" while planning for exploitation of the moon cap resources. And the Dem's Billionaire Boys club, has big plans. As a form of protest against the hegemony narrative which is focusing on past rivalries, I'm going to post links to the real battle of the 21st century underway. I think the older generations are still in denial about the commercialization and militarization of space because it flopped in the 1960s then became a toy for scientists and little kids. But it is here, and now.

Tom Hickey said...

Great. Why not become a contributor to MNE and post yourself.

You can post under a moniker if you wish. Just send Mike an email. The link is at the left of the page.

Ryan Harris said...

Rebelling against the establishment is difficult when the establishment says join our team.

Tom Hickey said...

Debate is healthy, although it is much healthier when in is reality-based, and the point on which most here agree is that the MMT view of monetary economics is reality-based, being based on accounting and operations.

Differences within the broader MMT community are signs of that we aren't captured by group think.

We are also open to debating those outside the MMT community, too, as long as the debate is respectful and it's just repeating talking points of some ideological message.