Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Ambrose Evans-Pritchard — Germany's Ukip threatens to paralyse eurozone rescue efforts

Trouble in Deutschland. Trouble in France. And trouble for the EZ.
The political climate in the eurozone’s two core states is now extraordinary. A D-Mark party is running at 10pc in the latest polls in Germany, while the Front National’s Marine Le Pen is in the lead in France on 26pc with calls for a return to the franc. One more shock would test EMU cohesion to its limits.
It may be the rising right that bring down the monetary union.

Germany's Ukip threatens to paralyse eurozone rescue efforts
Ambrose Evans-Pritchard


Anonymous said...

Now is the time for those who care about a unified Europe to go bold a create a movement for fiscal union and greater political unification.

Dan Lynch said...

Say, does anyone remember how Europe finally emerged from the 1930's economic downturn?

Tom Hickey said...

A person would have to be blind not to see the parallels and a lot of people have been calling attention to the similarity with WWI.

The similarity that not may are drawing is that WWI was an outcome of the British attempting to preserve their empire in the face of a rising and united Germany, and the same thing is happening now with America as the successor of the British. The situation is different now since Germany in the West and Japan in the East were neutered by WWII and are now allies (vassals).

Again, this basically an Anglo problem, especially in light of Hamilton's realization that the Us had to emulate Britain in order to survive and rise in power. While the lines of the British Empire have largely been erased, he present situation has been complicated by lines drawn subsequently to WWI and WWII, in particular in the Middle East. Now the US is drawing the new lines and setting the rule of the game.

The US push toward incorporating Eurasia in the neoliberal globalization scheme is Brzezinski's adaptation of Halford MacKinder's heartland theory and the geographical pivot of history. This requires regime change in Russia, China, and Iran and the Westernization of Islam and elimination of any Islamic power base.

Matt Franko said...

Well Dan L. if it comes to that I dont see the west fighting among themselves this time... Obama is now trying to establish a new coalition to go after the Islamists down in Syria/Iraq....

I think it would take a BIG terror-type attack of some sort in the heartland of Europe and/or Russia again to really get this going though...