Friday, September 26, 2014

Federico Pieraccini — Ukrainian Neo-Nazi Commander: "The US is Training and Funding Us"

A commander of one of the Ukrainian neo-nazi battalions, the Donbass, Semyon Semyonchenko, has just returned from the US…. 
He posted a comment on Facebook in which he gives a detailed explanation of this assistance.
The US-Russia proxy war is on. What could go wrong supplying the enemy of our enemy regardless, — yet again?


Roger Erickson said...

Surely we'd train him not to say so?

Unknown said...

Well it's only neo-nazis ...... I'm sure they are harmless.

Ralph Musgrave said...

Where's the evidence that this lot are Nazis? Do they intend putting Jews in gas chambers or invading Poland and other neighboring countries or what?

Ryan Harris said...

It's a simple composition fallacy. But Tom has been trying to create a narrative about US hegemony and working with questionable people supports his view. [I'm not defending the methods or ideas, I find it objectionable.]

Tom Hickey said...

Whether it is true depends on how one defines one's terms. There is a line from the Ukrainians that fought with the Nazis in WWII and some of the people who are now in positions of power are either in that line or in alliance with. One of the principal parties in the Ukraine, Svoboda, is considered by some to be neo-Nazi based on evidence The party uses a modified Wolfsangel, a notorious Nazi symbol, as its logo.

The militias associated with this movement that has persisted since WWII is under investigation for war crimes.

I have not seen any evidence of gas chamber talk, but I don’t see that as a necessary condition for being classified as neo-Nazi. There is increasing evidence that they were leaders of the putsch, and that the sniper that was firing at the protesters was a false flag operation run by them.

However, through the fog or war and propaganda, one thing is clear. The Russians and Eastern Ukrainians see this as an extension of WWII. It's a big reason that Putin has overwhelming support since the beginning of hostilities and a reason that this conflict is in danger of eventually spinning out of control. BTW, the German public is beginning to figure this out and Merkel is coming under pressure due to it.

In addition, as a veteran who served during wartime — and yes, Vietnam was a war — I am ripped that the US would ally itself with and likely arm a neo-Nazi military cohort in Europe. I regard it as beyond outrageous. It's criminal.

It's also a political and policy blunder of the first order. It shows how low the neocons will stoop to conquer.