Tuesday, September 30, 2014

When Will Our Electorate Realize That NO-ONE They've Elected Has Any Idea How To Respond To Current Challenges ... & Go Into Distributed Bathrooms To Vomit?

   (Commentary posted by Roger Erickson)

A “Perfectly Legal” Scam is Perfectly Unacceptable to Real Bank Supervisors

When will our Middle Class vomit from the building tension? Hopefully before half-time of the next SuperBowl. At least before they disappear forever.

Fiat forbid the 1st two events coincide this coming year. Plumbing may be down for 40 days and 40 nights, and not even another TARP would cover the stench.

Just remember that we select the people we allow to select our realities for us. Wise up and choose more wisely, before our aggregate throws up more than just it's hands.

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Matt Franko said...

Black: "The problem is not a lack of law."