Monday, January 19, 2015

Allison Gunnar — Economic War, BRICS, and the Power of Self-Sufficiency

Globalization is the hitherto pinnacle of interdependency, crippling any nation that falls foul of those sitting at the center of this entangled geopolitical order. There are many examples of nations that haven fallen foul including Cuba, Iraq, Iran and more recently Russia. In each case, respective economies depended heavily upon imports or exports or both. The response in defense against crippling economic warfare is self-sufficiency.
Self-sufficiency is anti-globalization. The neoliberal globalizers may be overreaching and throwing a spanner into the works as countries realize that they need to protect themselves from interdependence with self-sufficiency. On the macro level this is preferring resilience to efficiency.
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New Eastern Outlook
Economic War, BRICS, and the Power of Self-Sufficiency
Allison Gunnar

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