Thursday, January 29, 2015

Billionaire says Americans have to "set their sights lower"

Jeff Greene is a guy who displays the typical arrogance of the rich. He's a billionaire speculator who lives in a $200 million mansion in Beverly Hills. He made his money shorting subprime back in the crash. (Now there’s a really useful occupation that adds a lot to society.)

He says that the real problem that Americans have is that their expectations are too high. They need to set their sights lower. (Not his of course.)

Too high? Set their sights lower?

Is this guy a pompous ass or what? There’s forty million people on food stamps and half of Americans who have no net worth at all and people need to set their sights lower?

He goes on. He says, while tech is a big job killer the real nemesis for prosperity-desiring Americans is the trend toward equalization of wages, globally. Apparently in his mind it’s all convergence to the bottom and not the other way around?

History would prove him wrong on both counts. Technological advances have always spurred massive creation. Did he ever hear of Henry Ford? Furthermore, wage trends always tended to converge from low to high, not other way around.

The reason we have declining or static wages has been due to policies specifically designed to make that happen. It’s called Neoliberalism and it’s been in place for the last 40 years. Deregulation, “free trade,” the elevation of markets, profits and capital over labor, the environment, common sense and everything else. That’s the reason  it’s happening. Policy has shut the door on prosperty for all but a few and only policy can reverse it. 

Greene departs from other, typically pompous rich brethren when he says that the rich should pay more taxes. However, I’m sure he says that knowing that he’ll never have to worry about that because his “kind” have bought the system and they’re not about to let that happen. So he can feign being a magnanimous good guy when he’s really just a pompous ass.

Resetting expectations lower is nothing more than accepting a form of imprisonment.

This guy is proof that Keynes was right when he said “Let’s euthanize the rentiers.”


Peter Pan said...

Lower expectations = fewer disappointments = greater contentment?

Roger Erickson said...

There's a rumor that he underwent gender-change surgery (that didn't really work), and his original name was TINA. :(

Roger Erickson said...

What's the cultural equivalent of an adipocyte?

& what's the cultural equivalent of atherosclerosis ... and cultural heart attack?

I keep coming back to the analogy of military Generals hoarding all the weapons, telling the soldiers they have to do more with less ... and expecting to have a viable army ... :(

... and ending up with J&J Sixpacks who actually believe such BS

Peter Pan said...

Frugal economics: less is less