Friday, January 23, 2015

My next Forex course is on sale!

I'm putting my Forex trading course 


That's right. For my upcoming Feb 2-6 Forex trading course I will only be charging $995.

 That's a savings of $2000 dollars off the regular course fee!

You still get the same, intensive 1-week online Forex training boot camp where I teach you...
  • Market Composition
  • Applied MMT
  • Mental Game
Read what some have said...
“Mike, I can’t thank you enough in sharing with me your knowledge and expertise in how to trade forex — most specifically, teaching me the mental aspect of trading. Mike knows what the hell he is talking about. In our three days of trading there was indeed not one losing trade; at worst, we broke even. And don’t worry about the atmosphere. Mike is patient, lively and funny — you couldn’t ask for a more friendlier atmosphere. Thanks again, Mike.” -Peter D    
“I came into the boot camp not knowing anything about forex or forex trading. Mike was able to convey a clear step by step methodology and demonstrate trading techniques that not only anyone can understand but are actually practical to use. Mike describes how to understand what makes the Forex markets move, how to position yourself for success, and if need be, how to work out of a negative position. Mike was very engaging, entertaining, and kept a fast pace for the entire class. I had high expectations for the class and I can say that not only were my expectations met but, in many way they were exceeded. I now have the knowledge and confidence to begin forex trading. I highly recommend the boot camp and I am sure if you take the class you will feel the same.” -Dan    
"First let me say that you have revolutionized my trading…most importantly me. The lecture for me was like getting a shot of steroids! I have increased in confidence just from your seminar you’ve taught. I was very timid of losses and making mistakes, but your talks, strategy and kick in the butt has transformed me. Thank you!” -Mike
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So don't wait...sign up today. Space is limited.
Only $995

That's for my Feb 2-6 Forex trading course.
And remember, once you enroll in one of my courses, you can sit in on any future course for free.

Contact me for additional details if necessary.

Mike Norman   

Online currency trading course

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mike norman said...

Some info:
Course is online, you don't need any special software. Just a computer and internet connection.

I do live trading. You see exactly what I am doing.

Course teaches trading tactics and strategy, Forex theory and fundamentals, applied MMT and mental "game." (Mental game means how to achieve the proper mental mind set to assure success.)

All sessions are recorded so you can view them again at your leisure.

Course hours are from 8am NY time to 4pm NY time.

There are Power Point slides that are part of the course.

If you enroll you can sit in on any future course that I give as many times as you like.

I teach on the Oanda trading platform. Oanda experienced ZERO problems when the Swiss National Bank broke its euro/swiss peg on Jan 15. There were many other firms that got blown out. It's a testament to a good platform that I have been using for 14 years.

Contact me at if you have any more questions.