Friday, January 30, 2015

Russian lawmaker proposes legislation condemning East Germany's annexation in 1989

Do they want it back?
The speaker of the Russian Duma has asked a parliamentary committee to study a proposal to condemn the reunification of Germany in 1990.
Sergei Naryshkin earlier this week faced scathing criticism of Russia's annexation of Crimean peninsula when he spoke at the Parliament Assembly of Europe.
Russian news agencies say Communist deputy Nikolai Ivanov on Wednesday proposed a resolution to condemn what he called the "annexation" of East Germany in 1990. Ivanov said that unlike in Crimea, there was no popular vote to support the German reunification. Read more.
And Russia extended financial help recently to Greece. Looking to shake things up in Euroland and get back at the West. Things are heating up and Europe is right in the middle of it all. Potentially highly disruptive.


PeterP said...

Things are not "heating up" by themselves, there is always one source of "heat", a dying empire.

Funny about East Germany - the West had to spend billions to undo what Russian civilization bestiwed there. Do Russians want to reruin it?

Roger Erickson said...

Seems to me that the Russians are making a different point.

If it was proper for Germany to reclaim the portion that was briefly divided, then why can't Russia reclaim traditionally Russian territories which were arbitrarily transferred to the then-Russian state of Ukraine?

It's a comically correct point of logic.

Any way you look at it, it's near impossible for European culture to reclaim and quickly integrate areas where the population is predominantly Russian, Russian speaking and steeped in Russian culture ... which for those of you who don't fully grasp it, is distinctly different from Western European cultures. You'd have to ask people from Russia to get a real sense of the deep cultural differences.

"Western" cultures are steeped in cooperative spirit, which totally amazes & baffles many if not most Russians.

Russian culture, by contrast, is steeped in centuries & generations of fear, mistrust & paranoia about every neighbor in your own neighborhood, not to mention those a few miles or borders away.

Anonymous said...

Ah, Erickson is now an expert on Russian culture. MMT bestows the "grace" of speaking in many tongues, as can be often be seen when reading Franko and Hickey. Americans generally are in any case known for their sensitivity and deep insight into other cultures. Well, the good thing is that MMT'ers tend to be far less stupid and brainwashed by American political mythology than PeterP.