Saturday, January 24, 2015

Some info on my Forex class

Important note:

In every single one of my prior classes I always told students NEVER to trade "pegged" currencies. So the whole blowout related to the Swiss National Bank ending the EUR/CHF peg was avoided.
The platform that I teach on and the one I have been using to trade is Oanda. Oanda did not experience any problems with customer accounts in the aftermath of the SNB decision. I have been trading on Oanda for 14 years. It is a great platform. 
The course is taught online using Cisco's Webex meeting platform. No special software is needed. All you need is a computer and internet connection.You will receive with a link to "join the meeting" at the appropriate time. You don't have to join or sign up to Webex.

Course hours are 8am - 4pm NY time.

All sessions are recorded so you will be able to download them to review at your convenience.

No prior Forex trading experience is needed. I have taught many beginners as well as seasoned traders.

The first two days cover Forex theory and fundamentals, MMT and how to use the Oanda trading platform. The next three days are LIVE trading. You see exactly what I am doing and how to execute my trading system.

During the live trading sessions I talk a lot about the "Mental Game." That's where I explain to you how to achieve the proper mindset to ensure success. I often say that trading success is 100% mental and I am not exaggerating. I give you a specific set of exercises and techniques to help you develop your mental game.

The course teaches great "defense." That means, how not to lose. I also explain how everything ever taught with respect to successful trading is wrong.

In one part of the course I ask students to give me a totally unplanned, spontaneous trade that I had not time to analyze. It could be in any currency pair, long, short...doesn't matter. I will trade that to a profit every time or worst case, a break even.

My course fee is normally $2995, however I have lowered the price to $995 this one time.

I truly feel that you will emerge from this course with the necessary skills to make money as a currency trader. The level you take it is up to you and will depend a lot on your ability to master the mental and behavioral traits. The actual buying and selling strategies and tactics I am certain everyone will master without a problem. I guarantee it.

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