Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Don Quijones — Operation Naked King: Secret DEA Sting Targeted Bolivia’s Evo Morales

A new report claims the U.S. government has secretly targeted Bolivian President Evo Morales with a drug sting code-named “Operation Naked King.” The report — just released by The Huffington Post this morning — draws on court documents filed by a longtime DEA confidential informant, Carlos Toro. It appears to confirm Morales’ long-standing suspicion that the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration, or DEA, has sought to undermine Morales’ government.
In 2008, Morales expelled the DEA from his country, accusing the agency of bribing police officers, violating human rights, covering up murders and destroying infrastructure. Morales then embarked on his own strategy of combating drug trafficking by working cooperatively with coca growers to diversify crops and promote alternative development. His government’s efforts were largely effective: The United Nations announced last month that the cultivation of coca leaf in Bolivia has fallen to a 13-year low.
Despite that victory, the DEA announced this week plans to officially “decertify” Bolivia — a bureaucratic move that would cost Bolivia financial assistance, and amounts to an accusation by the DEA that Bolivia is not sufficiently cooperative in combating drug trafficking.…
Same with Russia and China for booting out US NGOs for subversion. The US is crying repression.

Not like this is anything new. It's been US standard operating procedure since at least since Bill Casey was CIA director.

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Operation Naked King: Secret DEA Sting Targeted Bolivia’s Evo Morales
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