Saturday, September 26, 2015

teleSUR Evo Morales: War is the Most Lucrative Business for Capitalism

Bolivian President Evo Morales delivered a speech on Friday at the U.N. General Assembly calling on world leaders to work together to provide more opportunities to economically disadvantaged populations.
In efforts to achieve this, the Bolivian leader encouraged countries to curb what he described as “unprecedented military spending.”
“War is the most lucrative business for capitalism,” President Morales said.
He also warned of ongoing efforts by wealthy countries to “demonize and criminize leaders of progressive governments with anti-capitalist agendas.”
During his speech, Evo Morales criticized the current global economic system, calling on the international community to genuinely examine the root causes of poverty.
“If we get rid of the capitalist system, then we will get rid of poverty,” Morales added.
In his address, President Morales also highlighted the importance of nationalization polices as a strategy to provide governments with greater economic sovereignty over its wealth and natural resources.
Since Morales came to power in 2005, the Bolivian government has become the main wealth generator in the country, distributing this funding through programs and social investments. As a result, since 2006, social spending in the area of health, education, pensions, and poverty alleviation programs has increased over 45 percent.
Evo Morales: War is the Most Lucrative Business for Capitalism

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